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by Steve Turnbull

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Wonders Of Life
Wonders Of Life by Christine Turnbull

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The Growing Sculpture Garden

Watch For New work
New work is constantly being put into the garden to add to your Maui art experience.

Continue down the path to see the Buddha resting in a very peaceful spot on the trail.  Just around the corner is a magnificent view of Haleakala.All through the garden there are places to pause and contemplate. 
This quiet, shaded circle is full of new work by Steve Turnbull. The Parian II sculptures (left front) reflect the shadows beautifullly. You can see that a sculpture need not be large to enhance any garden setting.

All of these works are available for your purchase. 
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Art Maui 2008 Selects Steve's Sculpture

Steve Turnbull's sculpture "Go Fish" was chosen to appear in Art Maui 2008.

The work is in Cedar on Alabaster, 14" x10" x 32" and is priced at $4,500.

The show runs from March 2-April 6, 2008. Don't miss it.

Christine at the Opening of "A Celebration of Hawai'i"
Viewpoints Gallery, January 17 to February 12,2008

viewpoints08 peachblok15 christine

This annual exhibit offers a rare opportunity to see works done by several native Hawaiian artists, as well as celebrated local artists. It opened with a traditional hawaiian blessing, a chant and a ti leaf blessing of all the work. Pupus were served with a delicious array of lau lau and haupia. Not only was the chant magical, but also the hula that followed. Don't miss out next year on this annual event.

Christine has three pieces on display. Here she is above with "Generations"

"Kulia i Ka Nu'u" means "strive to the highest". This piece is available to be cast in bronze for $12,000. The bust is also available in bronze without the skirt for $6,000.

For more information and a larger picture, click here: Kulia

Closeup of "Kulia"

This sculpture is made from ceramic and palm fronds. Christine worked with her dear friend, Makamai, a kumu of hula and hawaiian studies, to learn the art of palm frond to soak and knead the frond in your hand to make it pliable. When you have it at the right position, it will dry that way. The pose is reminiscent of a hula pose, not an exact, but almost as if the dancer is getting ready to start her hula.


"Generations", Manzanita wood and ceramic, asking price is $2,500

For more information and a larger picture, click here: Generations


Dance of the I'iwi Birds

Christine's third piece in the show is a new work in bronze on a rare naio wood base. For more information and a larger picture, click here:Dance of the I'iwi Birds

Christine & Steve at the Viewpoints Gallery Opening 2007

Yes, the sculpture is mine. It is called the "Dance of the I'iwi Birds" and it is in a juried show of art representing the East Maui Watershed at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao. The show runs through September 25, 2007. Don't miss it.

This is the new sculpture garden trail that is in progress. Eventually we will have it winding through the property and clearly marked, finishing back up at the gallery. The Beginning Of
The Sculpture Garden Trail

The Torch

Great views and great sculpture!!

Bruce has been resurrecting the old Hawaiian rock walls, re-developing them so they are stronger and everlasting. Bruce At Work
Come see the changes
and the new work being created.

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