How To Use Our PreView Service

1 Place a piece of 8 1/2 X11 typing paper on the wall or floor where you would like to preview the work. Secure it with Magic tape if necessary.

2 With your digital camera or camera phone, stand 10 feet away (about 3 big steps.) Hold the camera level and straight up and down. Take two or three shots and check them to see if they clearly show the area where you want to see the art.

3 Click the PreView button below. An email form will open up. Type in the name of the artwork you want to preview, your name, address and phone number. Then, drag or cut & paste your best photo(s) onto the email and click SEND.


4 Within 48 hours, we will email you a photo with your selected artwork on display in your setting.

If it is easier for you, simply email the photos to turnbullstudios@hawaiiantel.net along with the name of the artwork.

Welcome To Our PreView Service

When you are attracted to a piece of art, your next thought may be, “I wonder how that would look in my place?” Here's a way to preview the work of art that are considering for your home or office. Without delay or expense, you can use our PreView service to experience how the piece will look and fit into your setting.




You send us a photo of your setting, like this...

sculpture example

painting example

There is no charge or obligation for this service. Your information will be held in strict confidence. We look forward to hearing about your experience. Please call or send me an email for more information or to talk about the process.


We will send you a photo with the artwork in place.