The Work Of Jefferson Stillwell


"You are All that I Have" 
27 1/2" X 26"


Terribly opinionated with a very dry sense of humor. Known for their tenacity and dependability. They are very slow swimmers.

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"Skinny Necks" (Top fish)
Insensate and persistent. Impatient and stubborn. They are early risers and love to swim in their own bubbles.

(Bottom fish)
Quick and intelligent, they are full of energy, always moving in all directions.
They have little time to be social, but they love to mate, often.

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Maui artist Jefferson Stillwell paints with a snappy imagination, celebrating the wacky nuances of life. The new “Bark’n Fish” series is typically Stillwellian in its humor, command of color and imaginative characters and settings. Always exploring with different surfaces to present his newest collection of work, keeps his art exciting and cutting edge. 

Jefferson received a Fine Art Degree from the California State University, Los Angeles, a veteran designer and eventually Operation Director for the Los Angeles Times Magazine division, Western Regional Creative Director for Watson Wyatt Worldwide, and Creative Director for Chromium Graphics Inc. As Artist/Owner of Sea Pig Gallery in San Diego for several years, he offered a large volume of art for the downtown art scene. He also taught Annual Report Design at The Advertising College in San Diego, and was a guest artist for grade school classes in Oceanside.

With 30 intensely creative years, Jefferson has a considerable body of work. His illustrations and graphic designs have won national awards and are in print with a series of designs in Hugh Carpenter’s cookbooks “Pacific Flavors” & “Chopstix”.


"Vices" Sex, drugs, booze, Gambling 
50" x 37"


"Maui Bluebox"
They're known to be reflective and very fond of long, long swims through reefs. Never punctual, they are always full of excuses.

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