The Work Of Mia Russi



Beach Glass Ring
18K Gold with Beach Glass


Sunrise Shell Earrings
90 to $125


Double Beach Glass Ring

Mia Russi, mother of 2, lives on the beach on Oahu. Her view includes windblown coconuts, a long sandy beach and the famous surf of Pipeline. Each morning she strolls the shoreline for the sea's jewels. Beach glass that has spent years tumbling in the surf takes on soft brushed edges, reflecting the soft hues of nature. Some of these glass pieces can date back to the early 1800's. You never know the history of each piece, but the different colors reflect different eras of history.

The Sunrise shells originate from the private island of Niihau where they are abundant. These shells shadow the colors of the islands sunsets. Because of the proximity of Kauai to Niihau the sunrise shells are found mostly on Kauai and Oahu. Rarely is one found on the island of Maui. Mia takes each piece and wraps it with sterling silver and sometimes 18k gold. Her latest collection is available at both Turnbull Fine Art and Turnbull Studios.


Sunrise Shell Ring

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