The Work Of George Eguchi


Cascading Violets and Pinks
12" x 24"


Floral Cascades II
12" x 24"

floral bloom

Floral Bloom into Crimson
24" x 12"

blue mist

Into The Blue Mist
12" x 24"


George Eguchi comes to us from the island of Oahu, where he was born and raised. We are fortunate to be the only gallery on Maui representing his work.

George Eguchi studied under the tutelage of Roy Tabora, a well-known master on Oahu. Demonstrating a natural gift and eye for color and painting, George quickly became one of Oahu's gifted artists in Hawaii. Of Japanese descent his paintings reflect the sublties of his background. He found his love of painting from his love of the land.

He is an artist of contrasts; he has chosen a bold and direct painting style, using oils applied with a single palette knife. Though these paintings seem simple and straightforward they are rendered with chromatic complexity. The subject of each painting is created from bright contrasts of color, shadow and light.

George paints with the true colors of nature.

Unspoiled by commercial convention, his paintings portray true, believable colors of the outdoors, manifesting the spirit of nature as the day unfolds. Magical moments hidden in the mist, mountains shrouded in clouds with valleys sun kissed. Tree and flower blossoms cascading in every shape and size. His creations on canvas are actual places he has been or seen on his island home.


Into The Blue Mist
12" x 24"


Birds of Paradise I
18" x 18"



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