Turnbull Studios and Sculpture Garden
Mamala O Maui Visit
June 29, 2012


Mamala O Maui

Visiting Turnbull Studios & Sculpture Garden

Posted on June 29, 2012 by mamalaomaui

This week I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Turnbull property on the road to Kahukuloa.  Steve and Christine are both amazing artists and the gardens are full of their beautiful sculptures, tucked away among plants and trees.


We had a great “behind the scenes” tour.  Steve gave a fun and informative talk about his work and the creative process. He said usually he does not have a specific plan in mind when he begins working on a piece; rather it develops as shapes form from the material he is working with.


Here Steve holds the beginning of a carving, made from Hao, a hardwood native to Hawaii. The image he sees emerging (and we agreed ) is an elephant.  He’s only used one tool so far to get it to this point –  his chainsaw!


Here he is demonstrates carving in stone. The slices across the surface are chipped out, creating a concave surface. I never knew how they did that.


I love the juxtaposition of this old photo of Steve, and the giraffes beside and in front of him.


Their gallery is full of fun stuff! Stop by and see them here:  http://www.turnbullfineart.com/